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Syndicalism .22
Sindeacálachas .22


Why Syndicalism .22



Syndicalism .22 Summer School is the first of its kind to focus directly on the ideas behind revolutionary syndicalism and is hosted by the Industrial Workers of the World, Ireland Branch.


As a new and growing revolutionary union to Ireland, many fellow workers felt the there was an increasing need to create a space in which members could further help generate and develop the radical ideas and actions held by the IWW. In doing so, we hope such a project will further assist members as we move forward in achieving our goals as a union. 


As a fighting union, the IWW believes it is important to encourage the development of our revolutionary syndicalist ideas thrown up by the Industrial Workers of the World across Ireland and beyond.

Programme for Syndicalism .22

Syndicalism .22 will aim to provide a much-needed space to debate and discuss our ideas, our radical history and examine important questions for our working class politics. We intend to begin with a number of sessions that will examine themes such as Solidarity Unionism, Internationalism, Environmentalism, Radical Workers History, Feminism, Anti-fascism and much more.

As the working group begins to now shape Syndicalism .22 we intend to create topics that will assist fellow workers with Ideas & Actions, Discussion & Strategy, From Local to Global, History & Education, Questions & AnswersTraining & Education, Workplace & Community.

As revolutionary syndicalists, we believe that there is no better time than today to get active in our workplaces, our communities and homes as we prepare and fight and build for a better world for all our class.  That is why we encourage you to join with us, wherever you work or live, to help build that new world today.

As with all our projects from education to discussion, we will add to this event music contributions from IWW member both nationally and internationally.  

If you are a member and feel you can help contribute to Syndicalism .22 then we ask you to get in touch with the organising committee below.

Registration for Syndicalism .22


Registration is open to all members of the IWW however spaces are limited.  International guests speakers will be attending in person and virtually to assist discussion and debate. Those unable to attend in person will be allowed to attend scheduled online talks.

Due to current pandemic restrictions, location and date for Syndicalism .22 is currently under review however it will take place in Ireland this summer.

To register and confirm your place at Syndicalism .22 email us here

To help with programme and event organising please contact the committee directly here

UPDATE: An Organising meeting for this will now take place on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 on Jitsi at 8pm

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