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Ireland Branch

IWW Ireland Branch is one of the fastest growing branch of the Industrial Workers of the World which covers the entire island of Ireland, north and south.

The IWW is a revolutionary syndicalist union which is open to all workers.


A grassroots and democratic union where members support each other through solidarity against exploitation we face as workers, tenants and claimants. The action we take is decided at the grassroots level and our (low) membership fees are not spent on highly paid union officials or political party donations. We are a radical union that aim is to see society re-organised to meet the interests of all people, and not just shareholders and corporations. We welcome new members to branch meetings.

Economic JusticeInternational Solidarity and Workers Rights



We are a grassroots, democratic and radical union helping to organise all workers across all workplaces. Through grassroots solidarity we work to support each other with problems we face as workers, tenants and claimants. Our aim is to see society re-organised to meet the interests of all people, and not just shareholders and corporations.


We are:

  • Led by membership. We make all decisions and we all have the final say.

  • For uniting all workers across trades, industries and countries.

  • Able to offer practical support for members in their workplace.

  • Flexible so you are still a member even when you change job or contract.


We are NOT:

  • Full of stifling bureaucracy or linked to any political party or group.

  • Led by fat cat salary earners who carry out deals with bosses behind your back.

  • Going to sell you services, life insurance or credit cards.


Who is the IWW for?


We are for ALL workers who do not have the power to hire or fire. This also includes workers who are retired, students, unemployed, part-time, temporary, self-employed or those working at home. Workers who are members of other unions are also welcome.

Our membership is wide and varied which so far includes workers in the public sector, construction, students, musicians, administration, arts, community, unemployed and hospitality workers.


At Present we have active members in towns and cities across Ireland, both north and south, such as DublinCork, Omagh, Carlow, Derry, Newcastle, Waterford, Belfast, Roscommon, Antrim, Galway, Newry, Dungiven, Bundoran, Strabane, Clare, Donegal, Tralee, Sligo, Armagh, Wexford and Limerick.


We have regular monthly meetings around Ireland and in different locations.

Each area has accredited workplace reps who can help you if you have a problem at work.


We can also provide advice, training and support if you want to recruit and organise others at your workplace.

If you would like to make a stand against your boss and create a difference within your workplace then the IWW is where you should be.

Also if you would like more information about IWW Ireland please get in touch – using the contact details on this page – or if you want to join the One Big Union you can use the link here.

For full list of industrial unions and departments go here

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