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Stop Wage Theft!

What is Wage Theft?


There are many different forms of Wage Theft workers face every day from the:

non-payment of overtime

not giving workers their last paycheck after a worker leaves a job

not paying for all the hours worked

not paying minimum wage

not paying a worker at all


Help Unionise the Fight!

In most cases, when workers are faced with wage theft many feel they are isolated or alone in trying to challenge their boss.


Bosses feel they can get away with treating workers badly because they think their staff are isolated and unable to stand up against them for fear of losing their job.


However by joining the IWW union you will not be left isolated or intimidated, together we’ll demand what is rightfully yours!

You can help put a stop to Wage Theft by joining the IWW and help unionising the place where you work.


You can do this for as little as €2 each month. Click on the following link:

Christmas Wage Theft Leaflet HERE

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