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If you work part time to fund your studies, you are not alone. The majority of students now take on employment to help with the cost of being in education. Remember, just because your job is there to help with something more important – your studies – that doesn’t mean you have to accept second rate treatment in your workplace.

Many students are exploited and mistreated at work. Bad pay, bullying bosses, illegal employment practises… your job can put you through a lot! But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

The IWW is a radical grassroots union. We specialise in helping to organise and support workers in precarious jobs, whatever the nature of their work.

We have a team of experienced casework representatives who can support and advise you if you have a problem at your job.

Our network of members can help you take action against your employer.

We can train you and your colleagues to organise in your workplace.

If you would like the IWW to help with problems at work, please contact us. For a student joining the IWW often costs as little as £1 or €1 a month.

Become a member of the IWW – the union for all workers.

Support & Advice

Tel. 075 10145 888 (North)

Tel. +44 75 10145 888 (South)



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